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AI - B - IS. A Brave New World

AI - B - IS. A BRAVE NEW WORLD! - Is a thought experiment, stepping into the following scenario which unfolds in the year 3000:

The Artificial Intelligence Brain Interface System (AI - B - IS) has locked on to the brain of every citizen. A seamless and uninterrupted stream of data is transferred between the brain and the data base. The data is analyzed by an Artificial Intelligence.

- Relevant information is automatically distributed to departments within the intelligence and police services and the Government. All the departments respective computer systems are integrated with AI - B - IS.

- Your location, what you think, say and do and who you interact with is constantly being monitored by the system. Unwanted thoughts and behavior are corrected by AI - B - IS.

- The citizens are interconnected via AI - B - IS enabling them to "call up" one another by thought, interacting through pictures, thoughts, emotions and memories.

- Traditional schools and libraries have been replaced by AI - B - IS downloading necessary information directly into the brain on request.

- Mental and physical health is being monitored allowing for instant diagnostics and treatment.

- Humans have been genetically modified enabling the brain to download, process and store information more effectively.

- How would you see yourself and your life unfolding in this scenario in the year of 3000?


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